Josefina Oliver tells in her autobiography that she was born in Caballito, Buenos Aires, 1st March 1875. She married her cousin Pedro Salas Oliver and had three children, Isabel, Juana and Pedro.

Josefina began as a vocational photographer among her friends in 1897. Two years later, she takes the first one of her one hundred self-portraits and photographs her friends and relatives, houses’ interiors: patios, dining rooms, bedrooms; and landscapes in the family farm in San Vicente. Josefina, a common porteña, was almost invisible. Author of a luminous ouvre, hidden until 2006, as a consequence of a society that disregarded women’s inner self.

Josefina Oliver reflects this reality in her artistic work so far composed by 20 volumes of a personal diary, more than 2700 photographs, collages and postcards. Plenty of her shots are conceived with scenographies; she always develops them and paints the best copies with bright colors. She makes up twelve albums, four of them are wonderful and only have illuminated photographs. At the same time, a transversal humor appears behind her multiform ouvre.

She died 23rd January 1956, leaving a woven creation, outstanding for her time and valid for ours, which unfolds here.