Josefina Oliver

ISBN 978-987-27610-5-9

Yo Josefina Oliver is an initiatory book which contains a selection of photographs taken by a non professional argentinian photographer at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth.

Patricia Viaña, who is the author of the book, felt the need of it for years. She discovered the artist in 2006 and has been investigating her work and her world since then.

Josefina Oliver wrote a personal diary -from 1892 to 1956- in 8400 pages contained in 20 volumes. She left 2600 photographs, of which she coloured 1400, 200 postcards with her photos and 200 collages.

Guillermo Ueno realized the sensitive edition of the photographs in this book.

In the texts, Patricia Viaña describes the discovery of the oeuvre and analyzes the reasons of its concealment until the twenty first century.

The photo historian Abel Alexander recognizes Josefina Oliver as an amateur pioneer who uses written testimony like chroniclers, but only with Photography she manages to express everything she desires.

Eduardo Molinari, visual artist, postulates that Josefina’s fascinating work of written and visual memory challenges us.

Valeria González, art critic, considers the literary genre of personal diary written by women something essential for this author's subjectivation.

And Guillermo Ueno summarizes his thoughts on her.

Numerous notes and photo epigraphs, which include extracts from Josefina Oliver's Diary, were added to the edition.

Laura Belvedere realized the design of the book, Juan Beccar Varela the photographic color process and María Magdalena Cambiasso and Patricia Viaña the English translation.

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